Frequently Asked Questions

Question: The generate button is not working, what seems to be the problem?
Answer: If you are using the online hack tool, then please close the browser and restart your browser and run the tool once again.

Question: The hack is not working on my mobile device's browser, what should I do?
Answer: Your might be running a software in the form of plugin or antivirus that blocks ads, please temporarily disable it. This is true both on online hack tool or the downloadable version.

Question: I am using Android version that is not yet 4.0 or above, can I still use this Hay Day Hack?
Answer: Unfortunately no, you need to update your operating system that meets the specified requirements. If your device supports updates, then you can do that otherwise, you may need to use another device for that matter.

Question: I am afraid of virus infecting my files, is the tool safe to use?
Answer: We can guarantee our files here are clean, however if you are not convinced you can run a test over at

Question: Do I have to use a jailbroken iOS device to make this thing work?
Answer: You need not to jailbreak your iOS phone or tablet to use this Hay Day Hack tool. However, those jailbroken device can still run the tool without any problem.

Question: I have a rooted Android device, will this work?
Answer: Of course it will. This will work both on rooted or non rooted Android phones versions 4.0 and above.

If you didn't find your question here then you can contact us here.